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How to Generate
7-Figure Cases on Social Media

Discover how law firms, big and small, are using social media advertising to get substantial cases.

About The Webinar

After managing tens of millions in ad budgets working with dozens of law firms, it's time to pull back the curtain in this brand-new webinar on the social media advertising strategy that works for personal injury firms across the country.

You'll Learn

Why Education-Based Marketing (EBM) Works on Social Media
I'm going to explain what  EBM is and why this strategy has been working for years on social (we've been using it successfully since 2016) and why this method produces excellent cases and clients.




Is it really possible to generate PI cases through social media? This is the question Luke W Russell has pursued for a decade. The answer is: yes. Having managed tens of millions in ad budgets running campaigns for firms across the nation, Luke has a reputation for creativity, diligence, and transparency. Luke's team has generated six- and seven-figure cases for firms across the country in various personal injury practice areas. Will it work for you? Join Luke's session to find out.

About Our Guest

Luke W Russell

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What People Have Said About Our Results

I have been working with Russell  Media for about a year and during that time, they have helped me grow my herd and generate real leads which have turned into clients in two very different niches which will eventually yield well into six figures in fees.

Barry Doyle, Law Offices of Barry G. Doyle

I have never seen anybody more dedicated to clients than Luke Russell. Period.

Michael V. Kaplan, De Caro & Kaplan, LLP 

Luke and the team all share the value of honesty, integrity, and excellence in work. If you want to get into Facebook advertising... they're it. If you want the best shot at succeeding on Facebook, Luke and the team are the people you want on your side.”
 Ken Hardison, Esq., PILMMA
The Three Secret Ingredients Your Campaign MUST Have to Be Successful 
It's not merely enough to be running EBM on social. After testing these strategies across the nation and for different PI case types, we've seen what works and what doesn't.

The Exact Model for Building and Executing a Campaign does take a lot of expertise AND work. You have to build an entire ecosystem and then have the advertising expertise to optimize this to get the best possible ROI. And...I'm going to lay it all out for you in this webinar.

Watch The Webinar Today!